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Frequently Asked Questions - The Inflatable Run


How many friends do I have to refer to get a refund?2018-12-15T15:21:45-08:00

Once 5 tickets are sold thru your unique URL, you will receive a $25 refund.

Where is my referral link?2018-12-15T15:21:39-08:00

You will receive a referral link when you purchase tickets. After you purchase tickets, you will receive an email with the subject line: ‘Get $25 Cash Back in 2 Easy Steps’. You will receive it as soon as you finish purchasing the tickets. Your unique URL will be in blue.

When will I receive my $25 cash back refund?2018-12-15T15:21:36-08:00

Once you reach 5 tickets sold thru your unique URL, you will be eligible for a refund. The credit will go back to the card you purchased tickets on. They are processed on the 15th of every month. For example, if you bought tickets on the 1st, shared your link and your friends bought tickets so that you met the 5 ticket threshold on the 8th, then your refund will be processed automatically on the 15th. You will receive an email notification about the credit back to your account.

How long is The Inflatable Run course?2018-12-06T18:48:50-08:00

Instead of a typical 5K course, our course is only 1 mile long and each runner will receive a race bib with 3 checkboxes that lets them take three laps around the course (1 checkbox = 1 lap). 3 laps is the full 5K!


When Does The Run Start?2018-12-06T18:48:59-08:00

The coolest part of the Inflatable Run is that, unlike traditional runs, with set start times, this run can be done at-your-leisure and at your own pace. The event starts at 8 AM, and the gates to the 5k course open at 8:30 am. Everything shuts down at 2 PM. You can arrive at any time between 8 AM and 2 PM and do your three laps at any time during the event! Please keep in mind that there may be a line at the starting gate at 8:30 am.

What activities and attractions are at the event?2018-12-06T18:48:49-08:00

The Inflatable Festival & Run has tons of fun activities and interactive attractions at each event. While specific activities and attractions may vary per city, they typically consist of inflatable attractions, zorb ball racing, pedal cart racing, face painting, magic shows, water balloon battles, coloring station, free tattoos (temporary of course), live music, carnival games, food trucks, meet & greets, costume contests, and more! Some activities will be free, and some attractions will be an additional charge. The activities that cost money may be included depending on the type of ticket you purchase. Please note that face painting is the only attraction that will still cost additional.


Do I have to pay for the activities and attractions?2018-12-06T19:54:21-08:00

This depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Some activities will be free, such as the magic shows, coloring station, meet & greets and temporary tattoos. Some attractions will be an additional charge, such as the zorb balls, pedal cart racing, epic water battle, bounce houses,  inflatable jousting, If your ticket type includes an all-activities pass, then you will be able to do everything at no charge. If you purchased a ‘5K Run’ or ‘SPECTATOR’ ticket, you will have to pay an additional charge for the festival attractions. If you do not pre-purchase one, you can purchase an all-activities pass for $20 on event day which allows access to all activities and attractions all day long. You can also purchase a single-activity tickets for $3 each. The all-activities pass is good all day. Please note that the all-activities pass DOES NOT include face painting.

What free activities for kids are at the event?2018-12-06T18:48:39-08:00

Free activities vary per event. They include but are not limited to meet & greets, the bib coloring station, temporary tattoos, magic shows, and more. Please check the ‘activities’ tab within the city you are interested in for more details. Find your city here: theinflatablerun.com/events


Is the price the same for kids?2018-05-16T17:57:58-07:00

The price for kids is a little bit less expensive than adults. You can see the pricing by looking at the pricing table on the city you are interested in.