Houston, We will be back in Late Fall 2019! Click below to pre-register for FREE!

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We Will Be Back In Houston in Late Fall 2019! Click below to pre-register for FREE!

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What a Day at The Inflatable Run & Festival Looks Like

When you arrive at The Inflatable Run & Festival, you decide to start with your first 1-mile lap on the inflatable obstacle course. You head to the start line, and after a massive countdown, begin your run with your entire family. You make sure to high-five the MC as you leave the starting gate. You navigate each inflatable obstacle station like a champ, and your favorite is the slide at the end! Once you finish your lap, you decide to o enjoy some of the festival before you do your next lap. Although your kids are ready to do the next lap already, you’re not quite ready, so you check the schedule on the Facebook Event page and see that it’s almost time for the EPIC Water Battle. You rush to the battle area and enter it, not really knowing what to expect. What is a water battle?

Well, you’re glad you decided to find out; pretty much it’s like a massive water balloon battle, but with water sponges that you can reuse, so the battle goes on for a whole 30 minutes! After this is complete, you drag your kids out of there (they could’ve been in there all day) and head to do your second lap! You choose different obstacles this time around, so it’s like a whole new 5k course! After you’re done with the second lap, it’s time to do some inflatable attractions in the festival! You can barely keep your kids together as you choose your first one – the massive zorb balls, aka human hamsters. Your husband has the time of his life in them, as he repeatedly tries to run his hamster ball into yours! You can’t believe how much of a workout those fun things really are! Next you stop by the bounce station for your little one, for kids 5 & under. She bounces around and comes bouncing out ready for the next activity just as the announcer says it’s almost time for the Shirt Signing Party. You grab your family, get some special souvenir shirts in the merchandise store, and head to the Signing Arena. There they pass out hundreds of colorful markers, and before you know it, you’re signing shirts left and right, and your entire families’ shirts are covered in colorful signatures and happy faces. You note to self never to wash this shirt. You head back to the festival and enjoy some more of the inflatables with your family until, finally, it’s time to complete the final lap of the 5K! Once again you head to the start and complete another lap, doing a new obstacle again, so that it’s like a whole new course!At last, you see the finish line and cross the line with huge smiles on your faces. As you head back to the car, after a full 6-hour day, you overhear them talking about how excited they are to come back next year, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.