DATE:  March 9th, 2019

LOCATION: Sunset Park

ADDRESS: 2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120 . You can get directions to the entrance by clicking here

EVENT PARKING: The venue is charging $15 per car for parking. 





All times are subject to change as weather or other factors may require.

8:00 AM – Festival Opens

8:30 AM– 5K Course Opens
11:45 AM -Dance Party & Giveaways @ the Stage

12:00 PM -5K Obstacle Course Closes

12:15 PM Epic Water Sponge Battle

1:00 PM – Mr. Wacky Meet And Greet

2:00 PM – Event Ends


  • The venue is charging $15 for parking.
  • You will enter the venue from S. Eastern Avenue on the Southern Most Entrance . You can get directions to the entrance by clicking here . 
  • Parking in undesignated lots (i.e. neighboring stores, streets etc.) may result in your vehicle being towed. Please make sure to park at the venue to avoid this scenario.
  • Please lock your vehicle at all times. The Inflatable Run is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • If you purchased your tickets on or before 2/19, your registration items were mailed to you and will be arriving soon. If you did not receive them, or if you bought your tickets after this date, you can pickup your registration items on event day at the registration tent (white and red top tents). Your tickets will be under the name of the person who purchased the tickets. You may want to have your receipt/confirmation email on your phone just in case.
  • Please bring your ticket to pickup your registration items.
  • Lost & Found is at the registration tent.
  • If you have a VIP ticket, you will pickup your merchandise at the Souvenir shop on event day.
  • You can purchase tickets for the event on event day at the registration tent. Please note that prices will be full price, so we recommend purchasing tickets prior to the event.


  • The festival area will feature fun inflatable attractions and activities. Some attractions are free, and some will require tickets or an all-activity pass. If you purchased a spectator, entry only, or 5K run ticket type, this does not include all of the attractions. All access passes include unlimited access to all activities and attractions good all day. Or you can purchase attraction tickets and do the attraction al a carte. Tickets are $3 each and attractions vary from 1 – 3 tickets each.
  • You can purchase tickets or all-access passes at the Souvenir Shop
  • All participants receive a free temporary tattoo. You can redeem this and put it on at the coloring station
  • Face painting is not included in the all-activities pass and is 3 tickets.
  • You may bring lawn chairs, umbrellas etc. if you would like to create a place to sit and relax.


  • If you pre purchased merchandise, you can pick it up at the Souvenir Shop. If you have a VIP ticket, you will pickup your merchandise at the Souvenir shop.
  • Our race bibs are now on the shirts! Our shirts are customizable, you can color them in at the color station.
  • We will have a variety of fun merchandise available for sale. We accept cash and card.
  • All profits from souvenir shirts benefit underprivileged youth, so we thank you for your purchase!


  • The course is one mile long. You can run all three laps of the course to equal the full 5K or if you prefer to only do one or two laps you can do that as well!
  • There will be 5 inflatables stations along the course with 2 obstacles.
  • There is a water station in the festival area by the finish line.
  • The start line will be on one side of the stage, and the finish line will be on the other side of the stage.
  • The 5k course will open at 8:30 AM and will close at 12:00 PM.


  • There will be port-a-potties onsite.
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the food trucks or concession on site. You may also bring your own food.
  • Runners are allowed to bring water on the course with them if they choose (There will be a water station in the festival area by the finish line.)


  • All participants must have their red wristband which gives access to the course
  • Shoes are allowed on the course but DO NOT wear anything that will damage the inflatables i.e. but not limited to cleats, golf shoes or other spiked running shoes.
  • Please be careful when entering and exiting the inflatables. Do not roll or slide out of the inflatables. It is best to exit feet first out of the inflatables to prevent injury.
  • Please be conscience of others while in the inflatables. Do not run over others as you are going through.
  • Slides- Make sure the bottom of the slide is clear before sliding down. Do not slide face first down the slides. Do not jump or bounce down the slides. It is possible that you may impact the ground if the slide rules are not followed. Slides can be dangerous, please be careful!
  • Do not jump over sections that you cannot see what is on the other side. There could be little kids or unexpected obstacles that could lead to injuries.
  • There will be a limit of 4 people allowed on the inflatables at one time so you may have to wait for the course to clear before entering. If more people are on the inflatable than the limit, inquiries may occur.
  • No front flips or back flips are allowed on the inflatables.
  • If you wish to go around an obstacle please be aware that there may be cords on the ground.


  • All participants acknowledge that participation in The Inflatable Run contains inherent risks and dangers.
  • By participating in our event, you agree to our waiver and any inherent risks associated with inflatables.
  • In the event of an emergency requiring course evacuation, please follow all instructions given by Staff or Volunteers, Emergency Medical Personnel or Law Enforcement Officers.
  • If you experience or witness an emergency situation while on the course, please immediately seek out an Inflatable Run team member. Staff and many volunteers will have radios and will provide quick assistance as needed.
  • There will be an on site medic located in the festivities area.
  • We recommend writing your name and phone number on your child’s wristband or hand/arm in the case they get separated from you. Lost children will be taken to the registration tent.
  • Please understand that participation in this event is completely voluntary and that serious injury or death is possible.
  • Please note that you have agreed to our Waiver and The Inflatable Festival & Run is not liable for any injuries that may occur.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to have his or her medical condition and level of fitness assessed by a doctor prior to participating in the Event. 


  • The Inflatable Run is a rain or shine event. In the case of lightning or other “severe” weather, the event will either be delayed until the weather clears, postponed until the next day, rescheduled for another day or cancelled all together. Please keep in mind that we have a no-refund policy in such cases.